Christian Education Ministry
This ministry promotes and directs the overall development of the Christian
education programs of the church, which include the Sunday School, Bible
Study, New Members Orientation Class, Mission Study Class and Vacation
Bible School. It is also responsible for developing training programs in
discipleship and evangelism and in other areas of congregant’s lives (e.g.,
health, finances, marriage, etc.).

Comfort Ministry
When members are at a crossroad in life due to death or serious illness, this
ministry provides spiritual and physical support through prayer, calls, visits and cards.

Culinary Ministry
The ministry provides nutritious and tasty meals for special church events.

Deacon Ministry

The Deacons, elected officers of the church, assist the pastor in nurturing the spiritual life of the membership through evangelism, biblical instruction, congregational care and intercessory prayer. The ministry also assists in administering the ordinances of the church -- baptism and communion.

Deaconess Ministry
Elected by the church, members of this ministry assist the pastor and deacons in developing the spiritual life of its members. The Deaconesses’ areas of responsibility include counseling the female membership, assisting female candidates for baptism, visiting the sick and distressed, mentoring the young and preparing “The Lord’s Table” for communion.

Expressions Dance Ministry

The Liturgical Dance Ministry has blessed the congregation and the Washington Capital Area by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through rhythmic, interpretive movement. They participate in the Sunday morning worship service monthly.

Flower Club
The purpose of the Flower Club is to assure that the pulpit area is furnished with flowers every Sunday. When fresh floral arrangements are used, they are given to members who are ill or home-bound once the Sunday services are concluded.

Grace’s Closet
Through this ministry, those in need can receive clean, gently used clothes at no cost. Grace’s Closet is open monthly.

Health/HIV/AIDS Ministry

This ministry focuses on physical and mental health education, providing workshops and
resources to members and the community. The ministry annually coordinates a community
health fair and HIV/AIDS testing.

Manna Ministry

On a monthly basis, this ministry provides free, nonperishable food to those in the
community needing a helping hand.

Media Ministry
The Media Ministry provides technical audio support during the worship experience, seeks
to introduce the church and its ministries through the world wide web and preserves the
worship experience via audio and visual mediums.

Medical Response Team Ministry
When medical emergencies occur during the worship service or other church sponsored events, the members of this ministry provide emergency medical assistance until professional medical care is available. Members of this ministry are required to have a current CPR certification and training in administering first aid.

Men’s Ministry
The Men’s Ministry encourages men of all ages to develop a deep relationship with God, protect and provide for their families and be servant leaders in the church and community. This ministry also provides an outlet for fellowship among the men and mentoring activities for male youth.

Missionary Ministry
This ministry promotes the great commission, provides foreign and domestic mission education and service opportunities for the congregation and leads the congregation in celebrations of worship and fellowship to highlight the importance of missions. The ministry supports and partners with Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Convention.

Music Ministry
The Ministry of Music enhances Rising Sun’s worship experience. Choir members and musicians lend their talents and gifts to lift God’s word in song through traditional, contemporary and varied music forms.

Nursing Home Ministry
This ministry provides bi-monthly worship experiences for seniors and disabled residents of the Washington Center for the Aging Services in Northeast Washington, DC.

Prayer Ministry
The Prayer Ministry intercedes in prayer and fasting on behalf of the church,
community and the world. The ministry leads the weekly Noon-day dial-in
prayer conference call, coordinates activities and programs such as prayer
walks, prayer breakfasts and prayer services with other congregations. This
ministry partners with the Washington, DC and Vicinity Prayer Band.

Trustee Ministry
While the Trustee Ministry also assists the pastor and the deacons in the spiritual life of the church, this elected body is charged with the physical protection, financial management, maintenance and upkeep of the church properties and resources.

Usher Ministry
This ministry creates a welcoming environment for all who enter the sanctuary to worship. Ushers are attentive to the needs of the congregation and the pastor during the worship services, maintain order during the worship experience and assist in the receiving of the offering.

Women’s Ministry
The Women’s Ministry endeavors to apply God’s word to issues women face on a daily basis. It is committed to encouraging, empowering and ministering to women through fellowship activities, study and prayer.

Youth and Young Adult Ministry

This ministry creates sacred space for the younger members of our church to grow spiritually, educationally, physically and culturally. This achieved through dedicated worship services, community service projects, workshops, lock-ins, trips, fundraisers and other youth-led activities.


Visiting a church for the first time can be unnerving, so we want to give you an idea of what to expect when visiting Rising Sun. If it's your first time worshiping with us, please let us know when you plan to visit! We would love the opportunity to prepare for your arrival. Also, if you're new to Christianity, we have some great resources to help get you started.

We believe it is our purpose and pleasure to serve our church, our members and our community with our time and talents. Every person who serves on a ministry at Rising Sun does so with a common goal of advancing the Kingdom of God.

Take some time to learn about each of our service ministries and let us know
if you'd like to lend a hand by volunteering to assist with an activity or event.




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